Alright, this needs to be a quick post because, I’ve got to get to a meeting that will keep me bored and incapacitated from 8am-5:30 pm.  I started off today with oatmeal, again.  Hey, I found something that fit and I’m sticking with it.  In actuality today is the last day that I have any dietary discretion whatsoever.  Starting tomorrow I have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meetings.  Ugh.  I’ve discovered that the hotel gym is way too busy in the AM, so I did a yoga DVD this morning and will hit the gym for some cardio later, and I’m going to attempt to do my first day of the SELF challenge weight training tonight.  Now, i don’t have weights in my room obviously, so I’ll be using water bottles.  Gotta make do with what you got, right?

Breakfast 2.27.08: Quick, eat it!
breakfast 2.27

Oatmeal w/walnuts and splenda
Coffee w/splenda and milk

Power Beauty Sweat
Sara Ivanhoe’s 20 minute yoga makeover: Power Beauty Sweat

 Off to face the world!  And by that I mean off to sit in a chair for 9.5 hours.  Rock on!