Well, let me just start by patting myself on the back.  As soon as my meetings let out I hit the hotel fitness center again and am proud to announce that I did cardio workout 1 of the SELF Challenge.  Whew, I needed something positive under my belt.  And (I really like starting sentences with the word and, it’s my little rebellion), I carried that behavior over to my dinner outing with my colleagues, who try as they might could not sway me to eat BBQ ribs or shrimp wrapped in bacon.  Nope I ate grilled chicken and steamed veggies.  Oh, but there was the salad, I got regular dressing and there was a ton of it.  Eeesh.  Let me just say that “yes” everything is bigger in Texas.

Dinner 2.26.08: Almost a good choice
salad 2.26

dinner 2.26

Salad with enough blue cheese dressing to float my boat all the way back to NYC
Steamed vegetable medley
Grilled Chicken (I even asked for it without the lemon-butter sauce, yeah, I’m a rockstar like that)

 Let me just say, it was no easy task trying to pick a healthy dinner with my coworkers, they’re a ton of fun to be around, but revel in breaking peoples willpower.  I am totally proud of myself for the choice that I made, I mean my salad did leave some room for improvement, but hey I made the best choice I could.  And (there’s that sentence starting with and again) I even said no to some mighty fine blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice-cream.  Mmmm, ice cream.

I’m aiming to get up even earlier tomorrow to hit the fitness center, perhaps at 5am those pesky morning people will still be brushing their teeth for exactly 2-minutes or folding their shirts into perfect squares, doing all sorts of perfect things that people who work out at 5:30 am most likely do, and I can finally get a spot on the treadmill.