I hate other morning people.  I’m a morning person by default, I have to get up early so I do, and I’m functional, but there are other people who get up early because it seems like a great idea.  Ugh, I’m trying, I swear I am.  I got up this morning at 5:30am to hit the hotel gym.  It was packed, I  waited a few minutes to see if anyone realized they were completely insane to be in a hotel gym at 5:30am and promptly go back to their rooms for another 3 hours of uninterupted sleep, but no dice-these folks are crazy.  But hey, I’ll be damned if I got up this early in the morning to revel in the wonders that is the Dallas City Center.  So, back to my room I went to do one of the three exercise videos I brought with me.  I’ll probably hit the gym later tonight to get in a run to help fulfil my challenge quota of aerobics.  So far today, exercise has been limited to Crunch: Fat Burning Pilates:
exercise dvd
Yes, I did take a picture of my computer screen playing the DVD, that’s how comitted I am.  Feel free to send accolades my way.

 Food, okay, food I fared a little better in, although I did have to wonder around the food court like lobby of the hotel.  Not even a place that is called The Yogurt Zone  or some other such rediculous name, didn’t have fat free plane yogurt, but if I wanted bacon and cheese on a roll I would have been all set.  I eventually ended up at this place called Corner Bakery Cafe, which happened to have oatmeal.  I was allowed to pick a topping which could have included dried cranberries, brown sugar, walnuts or almonds.  I asked if I could have fresh fruit and the cashier looked at me like I was an alien.  I miss New York City where everyone asks for exactly what they want, and miraculously the girl behind the counter totally has it.  Anyhoo, here’s what I ended up with:

Breakfast 2.26.08–Yeeeeeh Doggies a SELF challenge friendly breakfast
breakfast 2.26
Oatmeal with walnuts and splenda
hotel coffee

If you look closely you can see the little challenge check list I created for myself on excel so that I could check off my daily requirements.  Yeah, excel and I are involved, it’s serious.

Now, I am off to be a productive worker bee.  Wish me luck on lunch!