Okay, wow, so conference food is so awesome.  I mean, look at that lunch box thing (below) I got.  Nothing like 8 hours of straight meetings and cellophane wrapped meals to make you feel all warm and fuzzy and of course productive.  I have to say this disastrous lunch was indeed my fault.  My boss sent me a list of three possible lunch ideas and I got to pick for the group.  The one that seemed least offensive was the turkey and mustard wrap with salad.  Well that’s what we got.  I think the wrap was about the size of one of Jennifer Lopez’s twins, and well the salad was either sweet potato or squash marinated in olive oil, really I couldn’t tell the difference, and of course a brownie.  I ate half the wrap, which was soggy and a little too mustardized (and I like mustard, so that’s saying a lot), the rest I just put right back in the lunch box it came in and deposited directly in the trash.  I probably wouldn’t have eaten the whole half-wrap had I not been totally starving.  The wrap wasn’t whole wheat, so I’m not sure if I can rightfully claim it as one of my grains, but the turkey is SELF Challenge approved.  I had a bite of the starch-salad, but not enough to constitute a vegetable.  I’m so not a good example of how the challenge is supposed to work.  Tonight we’re going to some sort of steakhouse for dinner.  I’m hoping there’s a petit filet, a baked potato and steamed broccoli with my name on it.

 Lunch 2.26.08: Even high school cafeteria food was better, mmmm, cafeteria foodlunch 2.26 

What I actually ingested:

1/2 Turkey wrap w/mustard

Diet Coke

So much water that every time I get up to use the bathroom I worry that my coworkers think I have a coke problem. 

Lord help me there’s four more days of this.

BTW, my coworker totally freaked out when I took out my camera in order to take a picture of my lunch.  What doesn’t everybody photograph their food?