Well a two hour wait at the airport and a 4 hour flight have officially made me the most slovenly of human beings.  I can’t say that I’ve got the best start to the challenge going on, but I’m trying to make the best choices I can under the circumstances.

At the airport I ate a pack of carrots and ranch dressing which counted as my second fat serving for the day.  On the flight I had a Lara bar, which is not on the SELF Challenge list of approved foods, but all the ingredients were fruit and nuts and it fits the caloric boundaries of the snack catagorie, some I’m adjusting that to be my snack of the day.  When I got to the hotel I spotted some of my coworkers and hit the hotel restaurant for dinner.  The restaurant had surprisingly few choices and honestly the waiter looked seriously scared of us.  I understand, I’m very intimidating.  I ordered a tomato based soup, I figured I could count that toward my vegetables, and a Caesar salad, with chicken, considering I still hadn’t had a serving of protien today.  I’m running behind people.  This challenge is hard work, especially on the road.  Definitely not as easy as I had imagined it would be.  I totally forgot to take a picture of my soup, sorry, but it was red and had vegetables in it.  Then my salad came and I was totally full from the soup, I ate maybe a quarter of it and the rest is sitting on top of my mini fridge (there’s no room inside of it, when they say mini, they mean mini) waiting for my coworker to decide if he wants it.  I’m hitting the hotel gym in a bit to do a quick run before I fall asleep.  Honestly, I might just fall asleep and run in the morning before my 9am meeting. 

Dinner 2.25.08
Dinner 2.25

Oh and here’s a picture of my big comfy bed, hey there’s got to be some perks to business meetings. . .bed

Alright, I’m going to try and motivate myself to be productive tonight, and no, sleep is not productive.