I’m leaving for Dallas in about an hour.  I know that this week is going to be especially challenging in regard  to staying on the mark with the SELF Challenge because most of my meals are prearranged hotel food.  Still, I’ll do the best I can to stay on track.  Since breakfast is completely within my control, I know that it’s 100% Self Challenge approved.  I also packed some snacks for the flight and to keep in my hotel mini fridge, just in case.

Breakfast 2.25.08
Breakfast 2.25
Whole Wheat English Muffin (2 whole grain servings)
1 Tbspn peanut butter.  (I have to say that I usually eat organic PB, not sure why I have Jiff, I generally try to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup)
Coffee w/milk and splenda (ugh, I know)

Plane, Train and Automobile worthy snacks:
Celery, carrots and ranch dressing and a couple of Lara bars may prove to be my saving grace during this trip.

 Hopefully by the time I get to the hotel today I’ll be game for a trip to the gym.  But, let’s face it, a day waiting around airports, sitting on planes and luxuriating in cabs can be pretty darn exhausting.  Wish me luck!