Two days until the SELF challenge starts, and well, I’m excited!  I think I could use a little detox right now.  Last nights dinner consisted mainly of alcohol, some chips and dip, and a package of chicken flavored ramen soup at 4am.  Yeah, I’m cool like that, and by cool I mean a little bit gross.

Today I’m going to be a little nicer to my poor liver.  Starting the day with lots of water was the first step in that. But Saturday and Sunday are actually pretty business oriented days for me.  I have lots to do, and will try to keep eating well and exercise a priority.

I happen to really love breakfast and mourn the fact that during the week I don’t have time to cook a real breakfast.  So this morning I was very excited to get cooking.

Breakfast 2.23.08
Breakfast 2.23

Omelet with spinach and 1 wedge of laughing cow cheese.  1 whole egg and 1 egg white.
Whole wheat english muffin
Coffee w/sugar and milk.

I’m definitely hitting the gym today and perhaps doing a resistance training exercise video.  I know I’m a little weird but I love hitting the gym for cardio and classes, but I have issues with the weight room.  I feel so self conscious there, and like everyone is just waiting for me to move, so I do a lot of my weight training at home. 

 I weighed and measured myself in preparation for the beginning of the challenge this morning.  I feel like I’m starting from a good place.  I’m generally in a really strong place physically, which I think comes from constant training for the dreaded Stair Climb.  Why am I climbing a 55-story building again.  Oh, yeah, to rid the world of lung disease.  Damn me and my philanthropic ways.