AM Confesssional 
Ode to Beer

1-I’m still drunk.

2-Remember yesterday when I was talking about this whole singles mixer and was like “It’s so grown up” ? Umm, yeah, I’m a moron.  Apparently “singles mixer” means “high school all over again.”  Akward social interactions, drinking too much, making out with random people (I’m not saying I made out with random people, I’m just saying making out with random people happened within the realm of high school the party.)  If I were a sociologist, I would have had a field day with last night, but alack, I’m not a sociologist, I’m just a girl.  A girl with too much beer in her system.

Drunk food Breakfast 2.22.08
Drunk Breakfast

Sausage, Egg and Cheese on a Roll
Orange Mango Honestade

I need to go take a nap under my desk.

Mid-day Confessional

Can you tell I haven’t put any planning or care into what I’m eating/doing today.  It makes me happy that the challenge hasn’t started yet.


Seriously the weirdest salad ever, but after this mornings soak-up-the-excess alchohol sandwhich, I felt like I needed some vegetables. The salad included lettuce (duh), tomato, cucumber, green olives, feta cheese, egg salad, no dressing.
Oh, and a cup of green tea.

Is it weird that I’m starting to look forward to the SELF Challenge?