The March issue of SELF is finally on the shelves. 

Yes, I have been stalking the magazine section of Borders, so what!  Anyhoo, this means I know what the Self Challenge entails and honestly. . .It seems so doable!  Actually, probably a little less rigid than my current workout regimen.  I have to admit right now that I’ll probably work out a little more than the challenge requirements because I’m training for an athletic event.  I love the little cut-away weight training cards, and that all the exercises can be done outside the gym.  I love the gym, but I really hate going into the big-manly-man room to use the free weights, so I often avoid it.  Now I can do the weight work from the comforts of my own home.  I’m liking this people.

The diet is right up my alley too, no calorie counting!  It’s a diet heavy in real foods.  It’s sort of like they designed it for me.  I’m not really a calorie counter, I just can’t get used to doing a research paper on my sandwich before it goes in my mouth.  There is a boat load of vegetables involved.  I like to think of myself as a veggie-lover, but the challenge in this challenge may come from finding ways to get 10 servings in.  Whoa.  Don’t sit too close to me on the train, okay. 

 I’m psyched.  I can totally do this challenge.  Of course I say that now, we’ll see how I’m feeling next week.