Well my day o’eating didn’t stop at lunch. Nuh-uh. 


Afternoon Snack:
Cascade Farms Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar. 

2 chicken thighs (free range/organic, of course!)
Rice and beans
Steamed Brocolli (I would like to take this moment to declare my undying love for Ziploc steamer bags.  We’re totally in love and planning a wedding for Summer 2009.  Ziploc <3 Kim 2gether 4eva)

I’m totally addicted to real marshmallows.  I never liked marshmallows before I tried the real thing, now I take every opportunity to have hot cocoa.

Hot Cocoa with marshmallows     hot-chocolate.jpg



So how ’bout working off that cocoa?  Well, I’m nursing some foot injuries that seem to be flaring up, so the run I had planned for the evening seemed like a bad idea.  (I’m on this new kick where I’m trying to be responsible with my body and not push it even when it’s injured)  So, I opted instead for one of my favorite exercise videos which also happens to be pretty low impact in regard to my healing ankle.

43 mins. Fat Burning Pilates

Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day (aren’t they all), which will mean no time for exercise.  Luckily on Friday’s I double up, yoga in the AM, cardio in the PM.  I have a business trip next week and know there will be a lot of sitting around a hotel only moving to get another cup of coffee ahead of me.  I want to savor every moment I can workout this week!