Well, it’s five days til the official start of the challenge–still no clue what that means, so in the meantime, I’ll start getting myself into the routine of blogging about my daily food, exercise, random thoughts about life in general.

 I got up this morning at 5am, which is the normal wake up call for me. It hurts, I know.  Did a quick showeroo, and made my breakfast and lunch for the day.  I know you’re dying to know what that is, what could Kim possibly be eating?!  Obviously interesting stuff folks, I know. 

Before I divulge my daily food intake, I’d like to make this disclaimer now.  I’m not saying that my diet is ideal, this is just my pre-Self Challenge daily food intake.  I’m sure once my mother reads this, I’ll be getting a phone call about the fact that I skipped dinner last night.  Mom, I promise that I do not have an eating disorder, I was just too lazy to make dinner.

 Alright Day time food intake for 2/20/08

 Breakfast 2.20

Cereal (some sort of nutty cereal), 1% milk
Coffee with sugar and milk


Tuna salad sandwich on Lavash bread.
Baby Carrots with Ranch Dressing (aren’t those cute little portable dipper things?)


I’ve decided that this whole taking a picture of all of my meals thing is going to get pretty old, pretty quickly.  But, I’m commited to it.  Plus, photographic evidence is the epitomy of accountability.  I can’t wait for the pictures of late night ramen soup (or “that college soup” as my dad likes to call it), you know they’re coming right?  Totally.